Wang Xingzheng, one of China’s first-generation fashion designers, founded the clothing brand “Dragon” (one of the small number of high-end domestic clothing brands at the time), which by the end of 1980s owned more than 50 specialty stores across the country.


Born and raised in a traditional silk business family in Nanjing, Wang has always been intrigued by Chinese classical buildings and carved doors and windows, which afforded him a strong passion for historical collectibles. Ever since his very first purchase of an antique dressing table from a flea market more than a decade ago, he has been expanding his collection to such items as furniture of the Ming and Qing dynasties, carved stones, Jin-style doors and windows and couplet plaques, etc.


In 1996, Wang began to travel around the world, and thereafter, he would spend short periods yearly in cities of U.S., London and Paris, where he would visit local museums, art institutions and antique shops, searching for interesting collectables and simultaneously for the very best of western culture.


Also in 1996, Wang founded the first “Xian Qiang Fang” Chinese restaurant which for the first time incorporated elements of fashion, culture and art into the food it served. It quickly rose to preeminence of being a hot spot in Shanghai. Even today, the three “Xian Qiang Fang” chain restaurants stand out among top local competitors for their supreme dishes, atmosphere and services.


In the spring of 2001, Wang discovered in the former British Consulate in Shanghai an abandoned garden. Inside stood a dilapidated colonial-style villa, where he decided to build his new kingdom. The scheduled six-month renovation project eventually took almost three years of painstaking work. When “Yongfoo Elite”, the private membership international club, began official operation in 2004, it was hailed as one of Shanghai’s top exclusive clubs, “Top Ten Chinese Clubs” and Hurun Report’s “Most Favored Club among Billionaires”. In the same year, the club was awarded the second place for “World’s Greatest Club Design in 2004” by the Wallpaper magazine (a world-renowned fashion and design magazine), the event that marked magazine’s first award to a project in Mainland China.


Among club’s distinguished guests are Sergio Parra, Vice-President of EU Commission; Mrs. Chirac, former French First Lady; Hollywood stars such as Tom Cruise, Sharon Stone, Jackie Chan and Maggie Cheung; as well as NBA star Yao Ming. They all consider Yongfoo Elite a perfect venue for guest entertainment and private get-togethers.



After seven years of operation, the club continues its legend. Wang Xingzheng now has his eyes set on establishing an international label for his club, hoping to bring the most trended fashion, culture and arts to his next project.


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