Wang xingzheng, one of China's first fashion designers, founded the dragon brand (at the time there were only a handful of local brands) in the late 1980s. It has more than 50 franchised stores nationwide.



Born in a traditional silk workshop in nanjing, wang was fascinated by classical Chinese architecture, doors and Windows, and sculptural works. Wang developed a passion for classical collections more than a decade ago. Since then, when the dynasty first bought display cases from the flea market, he has expanded his collection into merchandise such as Celtic furniture, carved stones, gene doors and Windows, and metal paintings.



Wang started traveling around the world in 1996, and then made annual stops in cities like London and Paris in the United States, visiting local museums, art institutions and antique shops to find interesting collections that are also better than western culture.



Also in 1996, wang xingzheng created the first Chinese restaurant, fresh wall house, which included fashion, cultural and artistic elements in his food for the first time, and soon became a hot spot in Shanghai. The three "" fresh wall rooms" "restaurants highlight local top restaurants, restaurants and service competitors.



In the spring of 2001, wang found an abandoned park at the former British consulate in Shanghai. On the roof of a dilapidated colonial-style villa, he decided to build his new kingdom and implement a six-month restoration project that would eventually take nearly three years of hard work. In 2004, the international private club elite club began formal activities and was honored as one of the largest exclusive clubs in Shanghai, "" the 10 clubs in China" "and hollen report, in" "the founding country of the billionaire club." " In the same year, the club was awarded the second prize of "" the world's greatest club design in 2004" "by fashion and world renowned magazine, the first award the magazine won in a project in mainland China.



VIP clubs include European commission vice-president sergio parra, former French lady Jacques chirac, former Hollywood stars such as Tom cruise, Sharon stone, Jackie chan and maggie chung, and basketball star yao Ming. You can regard yongfo Elite as an ideal place for guest entertainment and special meetings.



After seven years of work, his legendary club still exists. Wang now sees his club's international title and hopes the most stylish, cultural and artistic people will take part in his next project.

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